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Meet the Rapper & Guitarist🎸

Young CJ is a diverse artist from Miami FL. He’s a guitar player and rapper.

“I draw inspiration from old Gucci Mane and Chief Keef, also blues guitarists like BB King and Eric Clapton.”

Young CJ has been playing guitar since the age of 11. Playing multiple guitar gigs at the age of 12, Young CJs #1 passion is music.

“I grind the way I do bc I know this is a long journey and there’s no time for days off.”

Releasing music since 2016, the most fun from it all is free therapy. Young CJ’s musical inspiration is Young Dolph.

“Dolph was a misunderstood artist at first but people eventually caught the wave.”

He networks any way he can, mainly through Instagram. Some of his top goals include: being successful in music, helping others in music, and helping the world be a better place.

“I’m here for the long run.”

Looking to connect and work with a diverse artist like Young Cj??

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