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Meet the Music Enthusiast

Soul Stretch is a music enthusiast at heart. When it comes to making music he doesn’t set goals. This helps him enjoy the process as much as he can. Occasionally, he thinks about the listener as he makes music.

“For me its stress relief and also my favorite hobby. I wanna make something they would enjoy.”

Soul Stretch recent EP "All My Favorite Songs" is his most proud project. The entire process includes making the beat, writing the song, recording, mixing and mastering.

“I've been sitting on a lot of music and couldn't figure out how to release it so that was a fun way to put some of my favorites together…I enjoy having my hand in every aspect of it.”

Besides art he spends a lot of time in the gym and at work. Soul Stretch believes in pushing himself to make something new every time.

“I really don't do much else besides making music. It's my favorite thing to do. In regards to role in life, I just want to be a good person.”

Musical Influences:

“Russ, Nas, Joyner Lucas, 6Lack, Jaden smith are my more recent influences but this changes and I've heard lots of hip hop and RnB songs over the years.”

Biggest challenge:

“How to position my releases. I've made music for long enough to know that the quality is good, but I haven't figured out how to make people really want to listen to it just yet.”

Pin points:

“I like to make music that sounds good, I also try to write about as many relatable topics as I can.”

“I use to be really particular about what I said cause I wanted to be the "greatest rapper alive," like many others, but now I just wanna make good music.”


Make sure you check out his dope collection HERE

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