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Man in the Mirror

K.Y.T.E.'s  recent album Man In The Mirror, is the album he's most proud of. His goal is to have an impact on someone's life. To relate to someone, to grow and be vulnerable with his audience. 

"It was a process of being vulnerable and allowing myself to reflect and open up about some of the experiences that I’ve been through. It is also the album that shows my growth as an artist to where I can’t be held down to just any genre of rap."

K.Y.T.E. stated the most challenging aspect with his current releases have been "the inspiration aspect". For the last 3 years, he's recorded without really taking time off to live life and gain different experiences.

 "... just been on the go go go, so the motivation has just been lacking cause I feel like I don’t want to create or anything I do create is just meh."

His main musical influences are Big Trip, Mac Miller, J.Cole and Jack Harlow. Overtime, his practice changed to keep his confidence level high.

"The work I enjoy doing most is definitely writing and recording; just the way you can connect words. And experiment with different mixing styles, different flows, find melodies you never knew you had."

"It's just an experience being in the studio writing rather than laying it all down and making something beautiful…to be able to experiment and be able to come out of my comfort zone to do songs that necessarily I wouldn’t sound good on or be a good fit for."

The themes he pursues are motivation and manifesting. To motivate others to continue the journey. K.Y.T.E. is persistent and consistent. 

"I ain’t going to stop what I’m doing cause I know that it's gonna make a difference. Manifesting the blessings I feel like I deserve."

"I’m a fighter, there've been multiple occasions where I’m not supposed to be here and even in those circumstances I’m still here, just shows the persistence I have."

The BEST Advice:

"The best advice I can give about life/work balance, don’t overwork yourself to the point where you don’t enjoy your career, understand that failure is a part of life but it leads to the road of success, allow yourself to take breaks and breathe. You feel yourself lacking when things aren’t clicking like they used to…That's when you need to take that break and allow yourself to live in the moment."

"I am an imperfect human being, who’s trying to find his purpose and his role in life, that role maybe that individuals music you look up to find that escape, to find that individual that understands what you’ve been through in life, and to help you keep pushing with my experiences that I’ve been through."

Make sure you reach out and connect with KYTE for collaborations and upcoming events HERE

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