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Making Waves Across the Country

BA303, formerly known as "Brandon Ashbaugh," is a young Colorado artist who is making waves across the country and seas.

His most recent album was 'The Evolution.' It will be available on all platforms in November 2021.

“I have created an album…which is my 14 favorite and top songs”

BA303 has made a name for himself as one of the hardest working and best out of the Midwest since the start of his journey in 2019.

“Music is my love and passion and your support means the world to me and my dreams”

His name quickly grew and resonated with a now-very loyal fanbase as he quickly became a nationally performing independent artist and founded his company "BA Worldwide."

As he ushers in a new era, he hopes you will stick around and enjoy the journey, and most importantly, the music.

“I have created an album called ‘The Evolution’ which is my 14 favorite and top songs”

Make sure you listen to his album and cop a few wrist bands HERE

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