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Making it Last

Young Nicky is a Seattle Native who had dreams of making it out through music. He is very family oriented and has been driven since the age

of 10.

“When I heard 2 Pac 's, I get around; I woke up and told myself to get up one day and stop dreaming,” he said.

Growing up, Young Nicky’s biggest supporter was his uncle, Jeffrey Brooks. Growing up in a harsh reality in Louisiana; this entrepreneur made music at his grandmother's

house for years. Since then he has been heavily influenced by music.

“Listening to music and seeing other people motivates me.”

Nipsey Hussle is his biggest inspiration because of the change he brought to the music industry.

“He was doing things that no one did! He was a legend because he helped his community”

Others that come into mind are: J-Cole, Euroz, Snoop Dogg, Dave East. Young Nicky looks up to these legends because he resonates with the mark they left on hip-hop.

In the next 5 years he sees himself with his own clothing line,record label and a couple businesses.

Take a listen to how he takes a classic sample and make it his own on YouTube.

1. Make it last forever