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*My mind races and I head to google.

Alone...alone has a negative meaning.

Alone (adjective) - having no one else present

(adverb) -on one's own

But I believe everything has a positive and negative.

In the space of me and my room, I find peace. Chill music plays in the background, as I write this.

Medicated with fumes and faith, I healed wounds.

Some are scared of the dark. They can't handle the battle behind closed doors.

Running from something and I ask, "why"?

The most beautiful things have scars...but you can't see that.

Don't you know, you deserve it. You deserve a love that shines, in your room and throughout the world. And sometimes... you have to lock yourself in and cradle the flashlight.

Shit will get real; but in the end, it will feel like your floating. Floating in joy, peace, and strength.

Don't be scared of the dark. It's okay to be a loner.

- Jasminn Dow

Signing out (Monday. 4:21 a.m.)

Make sure you tune in to the podcast . We talk about real stuff.

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