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Letters to the Ex(Part2):Anger

I knew you would do this shit

Your selfish

I should’ve left after the first time you cheated

I gave you all of me

Heart, mind , body , and spirit

You had me analyzing my figure disgusted with every inch of myself

I hate you

You wasted my time and for what ?

You tore me down so many times I wanted to end my life mf !

You cheated , mistreated , and I still took you back !

You’re my opp now mf

Stay out of my eye sight

I better never see you in my city

I’m afraid of what I might do

Feel like swinging on you for how you played me

You’re so obsessed with this Instagram hoes that won’t even want you

Because  your funds are low

You forgot what you had so

Don’t worry about whose calling me

Wanting me

I hope it keeps you up at night imagining

Someone else in my bed mf

I’m not yours anymore

So watch what you say to me

If I could kill you and get away with it

You’d  be one dead mf

You said it yourself no bitch can compare to me

But good luck with those lesser beings

It’s time I get back to the old me


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