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Letters to the Ex:Part 3 (Acceptance)

I don’t hate you

I wish you best

I pray you fight those demons & win

I want to see you reach every goal we ever discussed and more

Don’t ever limit yourself &

Give yourself to someone fully

let yourself experience true love because you deserve it

Have children & give them all you wish you had

Be vulnerable & transparent

It’s ok to let someone in

I pray you heal so empathy & understanding can grow

As for me,

I love myself again

I accept all of me no more apologizing

& I don’t put all the blame on you

I know my insecurities might have pushed you away

I know my mouth was reckless

And I know it was hard to love someone who hated them self

I moved on , healed and let that hurt go

I’m so happy these days

No more pain these days

All I feel is love and peace embracing me with every breath I take

My hair is getting longer

Skin getting cleaner

ass getting thicker & I understand

There’s strength in solitude now

Yes sometimes you pop in my head

but all I feel now is genuine care for you

You will forever be a soul tie and a best friend I lost along the way

But beauty can come from tragedy

God has me on this journey to self discovery

Most importantly I can finally see the blessing in our ending


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