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“Keen Streetz” The underrated MVP of 2022 ….

  • Born and Raised from FARROCK AMERICA "Keen Streetz" Is gritty, Witty and Have a dope swag on beat, Definitely have the support of the streets and Brings back that (Stack Bundle$) Feel in my opinion m. Staying consistent all year I had the chance to have a sit-down wit "Keen Streetz" And his "Money Mark" His long time friend/Dope producer. In our interview both broke down how their 2022 was laid out, The grind, Projects and Moves on how they were going to end the year right.

  • Being signed with "Jim Jones" (ByrdGang2.0) Gave "Keen Streetz" The experience he needed to display why he's currently one of NYC's top guys killing the game quietly dropping 30 on MC's all year. From radio freestyles, Single releases, Interviews and More! He proved that his name should be mentioned with everyone else's.

  • Although There's plenty of artist from FARROCK that's shaking and Moving, But "Keen Streetz" Has been slept on and Have the projects/Albums to back it up. BUILT OFF SURVIVAL was definitely a top RAP/HIPHOP project with the honorable mention wit "Money Mark" Having 5 placements that gave it that gritty rap feel.

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