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Journey Of Choices - Big O & L.O.U.

“Journey Of Choices” is based on real, serious situations by Big O and L.O.U. Life is basically just a bunch of choices that you make throughout. They started the project after their last release. After seeing the success of their 2019 release “Isolated (Feat. Frannie FL)”, both entrepreneurs grew a bond.

“I was going through a bunch of different things at once between the years of 2019 and 2021…So Big O and myself would have conversations about everyday life type of stuff along with what I was going through personally.We never met each other in person, but we developed this incredible friendship through music”

We communicated with each other the whole time throughout this album and listened & respected each other's ideas. The goal is to focus on making good music and creating good vibes. Lyrics, cadence, complexity. L.O.U. actually stands for “Let’s Obliterate The Universe With Good Music”. He first started rapping in 2010.

L.O.U. : I’m not focused on the ultimate goal anymore. Sometimes I am. You guys know about my music along with everyone else that discovered us. So a goal was already achieved in a sense. Music is what makes me keep my composure,”

Big O: I'm exactly the same.... Music! I love my music and peace. When I'm in a peaceful environment and I have access to some great music it leaves me feeling wonderful. I use that to also gather my thoughts and just reflect on things in my life. I can't live without that.

Money is an important tool to have in this world in order to survive…And, time is money. There may be times where you have to say no to an opportunity. Communication in this industry is key and when people aren't really updating you on what's going on, you must do what best.

L.O.U.: Yes I have said no to opportunities because they weren’t real opportunities. It was an opportunity for whoever offered it to take advantage of me so I said NO. That’s as clear as I can explain that one.

Big O: I've never had to say no to an opportunity before, but I have had to take people off of projects because they either couldn't keep their word or they just refuse to communicate & I end up being the one having to chase them over my own shit. I'm a very reasonable person, but when I start getting bullshit excuses from you then you gotta go. I don't take pleasure in it, but my time and projects are precious.

Best Advice:

L.O.U.: The best advice I’ve been giving in my opinion is “Trust Nobody.”

Big O: I also second that from L.O.U., trust no one, believe in yourself & always keep working on your craft to perfect it.

Make sure you check out Big O’s website and project HERE right now!

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