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Jezebel sings at the gates of Hell

When she enters me

This isn't make believe

She’s controlling me

Angels hear my screams

This evil thing

Has a hold of me

It stings my fragile being

I Need rescuing

I’m on my knees begging God

Please intervene

Before this dark entity

Consumes what’s left of me

See the Devil chose me at a younger age

To fill me up with rage

From the first time I was touched and told to shut the F up

But I don’t want your sympathy

I can be honest see

I was that evil seed

Until gods light helped me grow into the most triumphant tree

Holy water at the roots

Branches full of strength

Leaves full of grace that fall to earth and land on another soul with the same unfortunate fate

Now I have this unshakable faith

Can look at the devil and say

Don’t come around tryna throw my mistakes in my face

Matter of a fact get out my personal space

You just a clown tryna make me feel down

The Lord is the only one I answer to now

Walking with faith and now fear

I just earned my crown


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