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Jamaican Freestyler

Sik Skillz is a Jamaican entrepreneur from south florida. His music is straight freestyle. He taps into different genres like Hip Hop/Rap, Dance Music, Reggaeton, Reggae, and more.

“I dont give thought in advance, so i don’t think their can be a hidden meaning, beside the fact that i’m straight forward, ima say it out right.”

Sik Skillz process is simple. He’ll play a beat, freestyle, then write down.

“The beat dictates the style and flow, and it’s whatever I feel like the type of beat is that gets written.”

Most of his songs are about self defense offensively and defensively, and doing right by people.

“I’m also an artist, painting, digital, designs, so I'm basically doing a lot of different things.”

One artist Skillz admires is Jay Z. Not because of his music or having Beyoncé as his wife. He saw the positivity and affect Jay has.

“He actually laid the foundation, and drops real knowledge all the time. I’m like this anyways, but he always talks about having confidence, being good to people that deserve it, being humble, and capable.”

Get the whole collection to Sik Skillz work HERE

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