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Jamacian Artist: S.o.L.o

Wayne Henry, also known as S.o.L.o Aka Cuzin Wayne, was born in Montréal, Quebec. Audrey Davy is the oldest of seven kids. S.o.L.o has Jamacian ancestry.

He traveled about a lot as a child, growing up in various Montreal public housing complexes. It was incredibly lonely growing up with three sisters and a single mother.

He frequently practiced record spinning next to the DJ at family gatherings. He moved to Ottawa when he was 12 years old, and at the age of 19, he began writing music.

Unfortunately, he had to stop listening to music. He had demons in his life that he had to confront as a result of his turbulent background. He soon recovered and resumed producing beats.

He still draws inspiration from the renowned rappers who influenced him as a young man, but he is also regularly challenged by the work of the newest, up-and-coming artists. S.o.L.o would prefer to not identify with any one genre.

The classification and interpretation of his music are up to the listener. For this artist, labels and genres have no bearing. Always relate to rhyme, right?

Make sure you reach out and network with him HERE 

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