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Investing in Yourself

MW Rida mostly makes melodic hip hop/trap music that describes the dangers of street life and highlights the importance of investing in yourself. Energetic trap beats, witty bars, and catchy hooks all from a unique voice and perspective.

“As long as you invest in yourself your future is determined by you and no one else. Find your passion and never stop working on that, even if it brings you nothing in return. It is important to do what you love.”

MW Rida music has a certain direction. His most recent project is called ‘The June Collection’. It’s about staying the same throughout his journey no matter how big he gets.

“It’s also about realizing you can’t listen to everything they say, you just have to believe in yourself and keep pushing.”

Music is an outlet to express himself and try to influence people in a positive way. He feels if he had taken the time to market years ago he could be doing music full time!!

“I create music to decompress, as a person from the environment I’m from it’s hard to express your feelings or talk about your struggles.”

The most challenging aspect of releases is getting the production and mix and master right. MW Rida does all my own work so it takes a great deal of effort to get release ready content to the fans.

“I’ve been all over the place honestly, I make what I’m feeling that day and it’s normally in a lot of different directions. As I get more releases under my belt I’m sure y’all will start to see the diversity in style that I do have. I’m pretty versatile.”

MW Rida top 5 artist influencers are: Kid Cudi, Future, Curren$y, Nba Youngboy, and Larry June.

“I feel like all of these people make real music that is relatable to me, they all talk about the value of hard work and investing in yourself, not stressing over the wrong thing and doing right by your family. I feel as if I make the same type of music.”

Check out his latest project HERE and reach out to network and connect!

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