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Interview with “ShotBySlops” From AllHipHop.Com

• Had a dope mini sit-down with my "Slops" one of the best bloggers from and We spoke on current events and how he got started with his career. From being a party promoter and making the transition into blogging, Media and Podcasting "Slops" Has met and been around many artist.
• He's known for his funny humor and Being able to connect with the younger artist that's coming up in the game right now. we spoke on his take on "Drill Music" And how it changed the industry and What's next to come. We briefly spoke on the J Prince family situation and The un-timely tragic death of MIGOS member "Takeoff". Slops broke down to me his experiences being in HOUSTON a few times and how much attention and Respect the PRINCE family demands in their hometown.
• Slops joined in 2014-2015 year and Had blogged/Interviewed with some dope artist over the years. Having the experience of Throwing parties he took that into his blogging and Was able to connect with certain artist especially "Drill Artist". Recently Slops had a dope interview with the MC 38 spesh (Link Below) And we also spoke on that. Let's give Slops his flowers for helping push the culture forward.

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