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Interview with “Reek Da Villian”

  • Had the honor of sitting down wit the MC "Reek Da Villian" and This was a fact check interview at its finest. Coming from Roosevelt Long Island, Already being tied to artist in the game Reek starts off battling other rappers and making a name for himself as a young bull. After being put on the spot to rap for "Busta Rhymes" Then that's when his career knowingly took off.

  • Being around OG'z and Then having a deal wit "Flip Mode" Just made Reek more smarter and Even thou "Busta Rhymes" Signed him! He still was in his own lane, Was smoking other MC'z and Didn't back down from a challenge. Collaborating wit artist such as Lil Durk, Missy Elliot, Swizz Beats, Busta Rhymes, Lloyd Banks And More .... Reek loves the hiphop competition. Eventually his deal wit "Flip Mode" Ended but Reek continued to grind with independent deals before making the connection with "Birdman's" "RichGang" Label.

  • Talking with Reek he breaks down how he's deep into real estate and Own property outside of music. He learned the business of making investments and Betting on yourself. This was definitely the most industry informative interview I've done this far and I'm grateful to have this brother on my platform working with me in the future.

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