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Interview with “D-Chamberz”

Had the honor of wrapping up a dope informative interview with the CONEY ISLAND MC "D-Chamberz". We were no strangers to the game and In this sit-down "Chamberz" Went in detail of certain events/Situations that took place over the last 10 years. Being around the battlerap culture for years, NYB one of the most known from the culture "D-Chamberz" is one of the originators. Always had his mind on the business aspect is why he still grinds and Has success in HipHop.

Staying consistent/Persistent allowed the MC to emerge on the scene as one of the most respected guys from NYC. Stacking up major features, Having his own show on DTF RADIO and Working with HOT 97 makes "D-Chamberz" Well connected in this game. From a fan perspective my first song that caught my attention in 2011 was his smash hit "Only one". In this interview the MC broke down how the NYB movement got started and How they all decided to go separate ways to work on solo careers.

If your a up coming artist that needs some performance experience "D-Chamberz" Is one of the guys who help pushes the culture and Helps you get on that stage. Seen on MATH HOFFA'S platform "MEO" - "D-Chamberz" Broke down the relationships of all NYB members, What caused the issues between the Harlem crew DOT MOB and Why he separated himself from the battlerap culture after being at almost every event.

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