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Independent Artist w/ Pen Work

NoProfit is a completely independent artist, label owner, and publisher. As a NJ Native and D.C. transplant, he is always looking to work and collaborate with other artists and producers.

“My artist name is a double entendres, to mean an artist who is not making music in search of money, nor believes himself to be prophetic with the wisdom found in conscious rap.”

His goal professionally is to be able to be a full time recording artist and to give back to the community by using nonprofit organizations to develop music programs for underserved schools.

“I try to speak about issues I am concerned with or have experienced, like mental health and addiction, the lack of substance in music, and lessons learned from being introspective.”

With less than a year in the music industry, this up and coming artist focuses entirely on creating honest music that defines its own category.

“I say no to lots of stuff now, a lot of folks are looking to take your blueprint or benefit off of you. It’s a weird time in the industry, you have to be careful how you move.”

NoProfit admits his relationship with money is love/hate. Providing the necessary funds to feed his music career is a priority.

“I make a lot but I have 4 kids and I'm always broke. I just want enough to not have to stress and to be able to make my art.”

The best advice he was given came from Marlon Craft.

“He told me to think in years, not weeks or even months. The whole journey is what it’s about, enjoy the ride.”