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I'm Talking to You

Remember when your favorite color was blue? Then it was red and you felt like a traitor? Life was simple.

Unexpectedly, life happens.

You step across the line to another world. And you don’t even know it, *laughing in my head.



Becoming who you are.



How can you do that, when you are already you?

Most of us are playing a role. Living up to someone else’s expectations. Lover, friends, family… So when you discover the defined you... love it, understand it. That's who you are.

You are unique! You possess something, that one thing, someone “Wish“ they had. Oh you know that, “I wish I wasn’t so skinny“, lol.

I mean, do you ever wonder what life would be like if you could reach your full potential?

Let things go! If you want to grow, you must let go. Relationships, family, or friends. If it’s nonproductive, if it makes you feel stuck, disappointment… let it go. You’re slipping on you.


Every human being is trying to figure out their life, or supposed to.

Stop sleeping on you!

Love yourself some more... I know you are in love with yourself, but fall deeper in love. You owe it to yourself.

Don’t you?

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