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Hustler with a Soul Sound

World Pramyre (premiere) is from Memphis, Tennessee. The name Pramyre came from not sounding or looking like everyone else singing. 

"My music means everything to me. No matter what job I've had or relationship I've been in. Music always has a way of healing me. Whether it's writing, recording, or performing. It's always been there for me."

He comes from a musical family. Pretty much all his siblings sing. Alongside his mom & dad, uncles and aunties, and both grandmas. His music aims to say Memphis has a lot more to offer than just the next hottest rapper or producer.  

"It's in me, I'm just the only one that has pursued it on a professional level…. I learned to be more patient. That everything doesn't work when you want it to, but it doesn't mean it's not working for you."

What made him feel alive most was taking control of his career.

"I recently released my first single with Unitedmasters. It feels great knowing my opportunities aren't as limited as they once were."

One important thing he did was restructure his circle. He looked at his gifts, talents, and hustle. World Pramyre understood that in order to be successful he needed more like minds around. And it's okay to be by myself when I'm focused on accomplishing my goals. 

"I did a lot of praying. I lost a lot of loved ones in these last 5 years, including my father last September. I think if it wasn't for ones praying for me when I was too down to pray for myself; I don't know where I'd be."

 He mentions that life inspires his creativity. He describes himself as a "hustler with a soul sound". Also for his parents.

"I have older parents than most. My pops passed at 82 and my mama 67. I always wanted to give them financial security after growing up seeing them work so hard to give me a chance to win in life. I definitely grind for them."

You must check out more and get connected with him HERE

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