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Hip-Hop Therapy: J-Yo

Joseph Yosko started rapping when he was 16; just freestyling for fun at parties and battles. 

"I then started to professionally record at 23. I now make my own beats, write, record, mix, and produce my songs. My style of hip hop is a book of my life."

J-Yo uses hip-hop as his therapy. It means a lot to take the time to rock with his collection. He makes custom beats and is also very reasonable.

"I can't tell you how many fights that I avoided and trouble I avoided getting into instead I sat down, and made my beat put my aggression, anger, and frustration into my music and was done with it after it was recorded so it's like my counseling." 

He launched a website that he designed and owns. You can find everything J-Yo there and purchase beats and music there. 

Just go to, join his mailing list, and receive his newest release Lyrical Blaze for free with sign up with a valid email address.

Make sure you check out the vibe HERE and feel free to reach out and connect. 

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