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Higher than a K.Y.T.E

We all know that Canada is making moves in the music industry. With the recent signing of Canadian rapper Merkules to American rapper Snoop Dogg’s new label called This Is Only Beginning, it’s only a matter of time before the industry starts to take Canada more seriously.

I don’t know if it’s the lack of authority over certain rural areas, but the crime rate here is only getting worse. More and more shootings, robberies, thefts, and murders have increased over the past few decades; effectively turning Canada into a mini version of the United States. Things like that used to be unheard of, but now the drugs and guns are making waves in Canadian towns/cities. This is where Manitoba born, Alberta Rapper K.Y.T.E comes in.

Straight out of Steinbach, Manitoba, K.Y.T.E is no stranger to the life that these substances and weapons have created for people here in Alberta. Without getting into too much detail, let’s just say that he didn’t lead the greatest life growing up as a young adult in Canada. Now, he has found new sustenance outside of the drugs: music. Let’s talk about how his rap alias came to existence.

It all starts with a simple concept.

“A Kite can up or go down; by the person who’s wielding it.”

“That’s how this music stuff – how hard a person’s work ethic is.”

To K.Y.T.E, there are days when his work ethic is there, and he plows out tracks left and right – while on other days – he has no work ethic at all and makes nothing music related. In essence, he is the Kite.

If a good slapper (beat) is playing on K.Y.T.E’s headphones, or in the background on someone’s car stereo, you best bet that you can find him fully inspired to rip it up on the microphone. To sum it up:

“It’s those kind of beats that just make you go – oh okay awe god da--!”

K.Y.T.E does not want to be working no 9-5 job anymore, it’s really taking a toll on his mental health overall. He feels that deep down, he has the drive and talent to make money off this and potentially make music for a living. Which is great news for him, because earlier last year he signed a deal to become co-owner of his own label, RATCHET RADIO PRODUCTIONS. This has significantly reduced the amount of money needed to book studio time, produce records, and make music videos. K.Y.T.E is well on his way to making money as being a performer in the music industry, which requires a lot of down payment.

When I asked K.Y.T.E what his art meant to him, he said that his art “means everything” to him. Although he has (and hates) a 9-5 job, he knows that he needs to stay obligated to it in order to pay the price of becoming an artist in this very competitive industry. (As mentioned above) He likes to make music because it allows him to say things that words just simply cannot. If you will, it’s kind of like his “getaway”.

I asked K.Y.T.E what his top three goals in life were, and he replied:

1. Taking care of his family.

2. Taking care of himself.

3. Becoming a Rockstar (famous musician)

K.Y.TE. takes most of his inspiration from Artists like: Kayne West, Eminem, Kid Cudi, Kendrick Lamar and J Cole. If you listen to his music, you can really hear the world play and assonance from these artists. Lots of these artists suffered from anxiety and depression (most probably still do) and their music was a means to escape reality. If you think that makes K.Y.T.E any different, please don’t be mistaken.

What is K.Y.T.E trying to say? He is ready for the next level.

K.Y.T.E likes to build connections on Instagram, and he has learned a lot of different things. After signing to my Record Label, I helped him bring his music vision to life. Things like being the music engineer for most of his projects, creating some of the artwork, producing a few beats for him, editing his first music video and more.

I have seen a lot of potential in K.Y.T.E, and I still hold him in high regard to this day – in fact his latest single we are working on for Spotify is an absolute banger! With permission from the man himself, I would like to leak his latest single: Roses.

You can listen to this unreleased single HERE.

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