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Let’s give it up for the women who move freely

No apologies

stand tall


and look good doing it

Some may call you a bitch

or a rebel

you don’t let the pain break you down for long instead you internalize the pain and turn it into power .

You are a goddess

Spirit guides you

You are the one chosen by your ancestors to heal them all

They don’t play about you

They protect you and hurt others that hurt you

You have a duty in this world

You’re a force to be reckoned with

You will fall many times but your strength will always lift you up

Many will love you

But also many will hate you because your light challenges their darkness

You’re a natural healer

Some will resent you for trying to heal them

It’s ok

They just weren’t ready for the awakening

Understanding you isn’t something that comes so easily

You’re rawness


care free attitude

Is enticing at first

even addicting to some

This can fade for some

But never ever stop being you

It can be lonely sometimes

Don’t loose hope

You’re needed my Queen

You face demons

Staring Hell fire in the face and you don't even blink

The protector

They see Heaven in your eyes

Such grace

And fearless

You are honored my Warrior


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