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January 1, 2022

Yung Ax said he’ll ‘Do it Again’ on the latest project “Before 2 Konceited”. The purpose behind this project was to better himself as an artist.

“It’s just me challenging myself and trying different sounds. Hearing what I like and don’t like and bettering myself as an artist. Basically my rough draft on who and what I wanna be in the rap game.”

The main influences in his life are his brother Skwuah, Drumma, Veli, Blake, Taydoe, Kxng D, and Thirdeye. When Yung Ax creates, he likes to think globally, not locally.

“I believe watching them create and hearing their music just makes me wanna get better…

The world is gonna hear my music so I want to make sure I give it my all and leave somebody with something they can relate to.”

He describes his music as experimental. The focus is creating new material and challenging himself. In the beginning stage, he was worried about what people thought about his music.

“Then later on I had a realization that… you shouldn’t care what people think just go for it.One thing I didn’t want to do was be too focused on one thing. Music is free and that’s exactly how you have to be. So yes it basically evolved as I did.”

In the professional scene, TI, Wiz Khalifa, Biggie Smalls, jay z, and Prince are his career influencers.

“Not only were they talented in what they do and but also they knew no boundaries and made me appreciate music more.”

Message to Fans:

“Keep on motivating yourself, there’s always gonna be obstacles in your way. But you must learn how to maneuver through life to be successful.”

Biggest Musical Challenge:

“My biggest challenge right now is just thinking of what imma do next. Seems like everybody does music nowadays and it’s hard coming out with something that somebody hasn’t already done. So I’m just tryna find ways to be more original and authentic so I can establish myself as an artist with his own wave and not piggyback off of anybody else.”

This New Year's vibe to “Before 2 Konceited” on Apple Music and Spotify.

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