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Harlem Entrepreneur aka Black Hippie

Did you guess? NyCity Slicker entrepreneur from Harlem (139th & Lenox/Uptown Bronx). He believes his greatest/ biggest strength as an artist is versatility. But on the flip side, he thinks it could be a weakness too.

“I’m not taking the time to master one particular strength,I want to be a successful artist & businessman. I want to be able to take care of my family & as many people as I can when I’m able to.”

NyCity Slicker plans on being a very successful businessman and owning several businesses.

Right now his dream project would be a mixtape called BHG Black Hippie Gang…Featuring Artists In The Industry Who I Feel Fit Into BHG.

“Shit knowing me Ima get into everything. But outside of music I like movies,boxing,basketball,going out to eat and drink,dating, and smoking weed… Being a Black Hippie.”

He’d like to be compared to Andre 3000,Lil Wayne,& Drake for their all around versatility musically. NyCity Slicker’s reason for going hard is to bring change for him & his family’s situation, the community’s situation and maybe even the world.

“Plus I’m tryna get this bread, live good, and stunt a lil bit…just a lil bit. As of right now I’m independent but as far as any organized movements to help the community.”

“I haven’t put anything like that together yet but just myself I bought sleeping bags, jackets, hats, etc…but in the future I plan on helping my community & many communities.”

Plans and Invisions:

~Acting in movies and shows

~Producing a movie

~A successful artist that has won awards for his music

~Travel all over the world & enjoy life & be in the company of my friends & peers

~Hopefully I can have a positive influence on the world

If you need a new collection to listen to!…Make sure you check out his HERE

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