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Growing Up w/ Music

MONDAVVY comes from a place where no one names themself the names they have. Representing the NorthSide of Minneapolis, MN.

“I have too many names to mention lol but a few stuck. Dell Dilla because somehow I would find a way to slide some JDilla in my set. Dell Scrilla as a spin on Dell Dilla then just Scrilla and lastly Scrilla Mondavvy. I got the last name because it sounded kind of fancy lol.”

His musical inspiration comes from his parents. His mother's side of the family was 10 toes down in the church.

“My Grandma Liz was the mother of the church and we were one of the first families to found Living Word Church.

On MONDAVVY Dad's side he grew up in the tradition of The Civil Rights Movement. He recalls watching the famous "Eyes On The Prize" documentary and was again really moved by the chants, the call and response and all of the black entertainers featured in that piece.

“Outside of that Pop would play music in the house from prominent black artists like Tracy Chapman, Miles Davis and John Coltrain to name a few. So if you listen to any of my beats you’d find that they're a consistent mixture of melodic melodies, rhythmic almost chant like minded snares and hi hats and hard drums.”

For this new play on his music career he'd like to call it "Phase x". The vision is to Leave a mark in the world. While Making it easier for his daughters to live long and smile hard.

“Check my SoundCloud for my beat tape by the same name) I decided to run with "MONDAVVY BEATS.”