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Goddess Words 💫

If I admitted that I'm not exactly from here

But I’m from another time

Another galaxy

Another place

Would you believe me?

And if I hold your hand in mine

Can you feel the energy pumping

My touch

Coats your skin

With love

And admiration

Because baby I truly am smitten by you

This God I see

Far more than a king

But my lord I’ll submit to thee

Naturally and without force

I’ll give my all


Could you handle a real woman like me ?

A Goddess dripping in magnetic energy

The Siren that sings

The sweetest melody

And with one kiss of those lips on this flower

Now baby you have the power

I can giveth , yet I can taketh away

Because you must remember

I am not from here

Im from another time

Another place

Far far away

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