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Glitchtape: the Process

Igloo is a seventeen year old independent Artist. Currently representing Las Vegas, Nevada. 

"I've been rapping, writing, and engineering music since I was 13 years old, trying different sounds and digital workstations.  One of my closest Friends since the 4th grade APOLLO got FL studio before me and started going crazy producing beats for me and himself exclusively and we built a relationship that incorporated both our key interests in the music scene and put them together and just didn't stop from there."

Igloo released his first Album on all platforms called the GLITCHTAPE, mainly produced by APOLLO.

"We both felt like the song SNOWFALL was a song we just needed to push even though I was planning to release music weekly or by weekly after that project, the success of the entire project after the release and after promotion show the both of us we were gonna be coming for a higher ranking musically and the upcoming projects are gonna continue to produce our unique universal underground sound."

Their upcoming EP will be titled “The World Vs. Me” and it's a piece put together out of appreciation for the recent Love they've been getting.

"I'm motivated by my forefathers and my large family that has different hands in the music industry."

Being an independent entrepreneur for Igloo has made his relationship with family more respectable and responsive, and more supportive than anything. 

"I utilize everyday life and key components of the day to incorporate those feelings in my music."

When writing new music, Igloo is in a self reflective state; attempting to capture and compose what he's felt recently and/or done recently to create a real image and a real feeling in my listener’s imagination.

"I see my life as one big song due to my family members keeping me involved and around great musical experiences and musicians."

Tyler the creator is his biggest inspiration due to his free spirit and how he stays true to his character as well as staying around the same people that elevated you.

"I don't like the Non supportive community based around independent rappers that make it hard for independent artists to get the correct love from a fanbase, my favorite thing about being a rapper is the genuine criticism and the respect you get for doing things most other cant nor wont do."

In the next 5 years Igloo is sure he'll reach  100k streams on major platforms and perform consistently in front 60-100 people headlining his own venues. In the next 10 years he can see himself with a consistent and strong enough fanbase to indulge in a more personal experience. 


"Starting a podcast for young independent artist to promote themselves whilst pushing my own clothing brand and having my music work itself earning me at least 5-6k a month."

Want to stay connected?...Make sure you check out Igloo's collection HERE 

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