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Freedom & Inspiration

Dyxxe is an artist from Mississippi. His work aims to speak freedom and inspire others to chase their dreams. 

"My art means the world to me. It allows me to express myself to others and reach them in ways people dream of."

Life events sparks his creativity. His artist name is inspired by his character of double entendres.

"Dyxxe can be rolling the dyxxe of life never knowing what you’re going to get. Or Dyxxe as in cutting up both in a humorous way and in a literal way because I’ve kept that cutter with me since I was 15."

His musical inspiration comes from Michael Jackson. 

"I’ve listened to him since I was a young lad even had my pops burn me a greatest hits cd."

His top 3 goals:

* perform at a sold out Coachella

*stay a night in the old playboy mansion

*Earn enough to build a community for the people in his life, like a whole suburb. (Like how Snoop did).

"My why is to give others the feeling that music gave me my entire life. I owe it to ones in my life that continue to push me to get better and make this my craft. Also owe it to the ones that can’t be here anymore."

 One way he seeks opportunities is by boots to the ground and shaking some hands. It’s an old way but proven to give results. 

If you haven't, check out his catalog HERE

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