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Follow Your Gut - G Versa

G Versa is an artist from Queens, NY. The one thing that inspires his creativity is past experiences. The spark behind his artist name came from when he first started rapping.

“My bro was the first who got me into music when we was 14, we use to freestyle to beats.”

After the realization of expanding beyond rap, he decided to utilize his creativity and versatility. Versa’s top goal is for his parents to see him become successful. As well as creating generational wealth and becoming financially stable.

“My art/business mean everything to me. I started it when I was 13, freshman year in high school. Flashy was it then now it’s Forever Flashy cause I’ll been Flashy since forever.”

His work aims to say stay truthfully and follow your gut. Versa seeks out opportunities through hard work and communication.

“I grind the way I do cause I love creating music and this is going go my way….and I go hard for my family. My family gives me all the inspiration I need.”

Greatest Influences Musically:

Drake, Tyga, Mac Miller, Logic

Make sure you check out his recent project here and follow G Versa for more HERE

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