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Colione Neezy is a professional rap artist with over 10 years of experience in writing and recording.

This aspiring rap artist consistently release singles and visuals, looking to build an organic base to interact and uplift one another. 

"I'm optimistic, positive….but me & my child ain't been around each other alot outta his whole goin on 3 years of life. It always been a gap. Moral of this, life is short as hell and we don't know when our exp date."

Colione Neezy, from Michigan, gained love for music after seeing how fluent he was with delivering his first rap his mother Kim B wrote for him at the age of 7 years old.

"You gotta keep that hunger no matter how long you been doing it."

The Empire Colione motto is Focus-Strive-Build. And if you guess he's a Taurus, you're right. He believes you should keep your word and be consistent. Everything will fall in place in due time.

"The best thing about a Taurus is we really do genuinely look out for people we care about or fuck with that’s one thing a mf can never do is question our loyalty."

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