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Faith in God!

Krazey Jakey is from Dahlonega, GA! His artist name was inspired by how crazy he would rap.

"I'm not from the city, I'm from the mountains!...One day when I was rapping I was just spazzing like crazy and my friend was like, “Jacob that was crazy…”. 

So we started calling me Krazey Jakey from that day on and it’s so fitting."

He writes songs for people struggling to keep going! He wants to change the world with my music and guide people to the right way!

"We have a major influence as performers/artists! Unfortunately a lot of the times people use their influence for bad! I used to be the same way! Guidance>violence"

An Eminem cd he found in the parking of his moms work office at the age of nine was the start of his rap career. Jakey's top 3 goals are to start a rehab, start his own label one day for artists like him, and speak with the youth around the world about suicide/overdose prevention&awareness! 

"When you know you’re not supposed to be alive it unlocks a energy within you that you never knew you had! Nobody wants it like I do so that’s why I grind through pain and stay consistent no matter what!"

As far as meditation for peace Jakey reads his Bible every single day to find peace and hope!


"Honestly it’s going to sound crazy but anybody who knows me will tell you idk how to relax!"

"Just yesterday I lost my best friend of my entire life but today I’m writing my album! I do this for my family, everyone who believes in me, and everyone who feels like their voice doesn’t matter!"


One bad habit he'd like to change is  addiction! His faith in God helps him while he breaks it,  "through discipline and faith in him."

As far as networking, Jakey posts his music daily on Instagram. He produces several posts a month asking if anyone’s in need of a performer!

"Trying to put myself in better positions! Success leaves clues so I’m taking them and remixing it and making my own blueprint for my story! You’ve got to network to increase your net worth!"

Make sure you tune in and check out his collection of work HERE


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