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"Extravagant Woman"

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

Dorlyne Alphonse (aka) Dei is a talented 36 yr old author writer & fashion model with 3 kids from Ft. Lauderdale FL. Her writing style is unique and engaging drawing readers in too want more. Dei passion is writing but her long term goal is broadcasting/production. The sky is the limit with her skills and gift there is nothing she can't accomplish.

She has 5 books currently available on Amazon (Lyte), (Dream Out Loud), Karma and Warning Signs which was inspired by rapper Lil Boosie. The new highly anticipated release Novia audible edition will be available this summer on Amazon. This talented Haitian woman is empowering women worldwide no matter what background too chase your dreams. Make sure you follow dorlyne on her journey to success!


Novia (Nine)

Instagram: @deidone

Facebook: dorlyne deidone

Twitter: Ms. Alphonse

Snapchat: Dorlyne Dei Alphonse