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Escaping Hell 🔥

We live in Hell everyday B

So sad to see a mother pimpin her baby

So I get on my knees

Pray Jesus please heal that baby girl

She’s trapped in a world full of hatred


misery and disease

Don’t let her be nothing like me

Feeling broken


Fiendin for a coke sniff

Just to numb the pain

Got Ice in my veins

Blood turn cold while I’m swinging on a pole

Crying God save my soul

I hope he can forgive me since I’m sipping on this henny

I pray he don’t forget me while I’m rolling up a spliffy

The devil speaks so sweetly in my ear I hear “ YOU CAN HAVE ANYTHING YOU WANT MY DEAR “

But at what cost ?

To feel lost angry and ashamed

His voice is like damage to my brain

Broken promises bring nothing but pain

I’m going insane

And yet I remain

Sold my soul for material thangs

To hop in a range

And claim that I’m paid

What can I say ?

I think it’s time we break these chains

Life of luxury was programmed in our brains

My soul seeks different things

No longer chasing pleasure

Used to be a struggle for me

I missed that hit of dopamine

It was addicting

Even though it was slowly killing me

But when I surrendered

And let peace claim what was left of me

She replaced every broken piece in me


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