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East Coast: The New Escape

Boaty Blanco is one of the most intriguing east coast hip hop acts. Boaty began his journey in Hazleton, Pennsylvania, where he was exposed to chaos at a young age.

He decided to find a new escape after seeing his family suffer at his own expense and nearly losing his life to drug addiction. Music provided an escape.

“Music saved my life. It gave me a voice when I couldn’t find one. It gave me a friend when I felt alone. It gave me purpose when I felt like I had nothing. And it gave me an outlet to express how I really feel.”

Blanco released his first project, CHAOS, in October of 2018 and has since released a slew of singles. His message is clear, his raps are genuine, and music has literally saved his life.

Make sure you tune in to his dope content HERE

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