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Drive, Focus, and a Purpose

Le Neil Davis is an artist and a believer of Christ. Not only does he make music; he paints, dances, and draws. 

"I am getting into sculpting; and just may go as far to say I could be a makeup artist ... I also act, haven't quite taken it back up professionally yet, but I plan on going back soon."

Le Neil describes music is his love language. Singing, he take inspiration from  Chris Brown, Michael Jackson, Usher, and Boyz II Men. His rap influence when it comes to the style is a mix of 2Pac, Kendrick Lamar, and Eminem.

"When I create music, my goal isn't to just be recognized for my craft, but to also be a positive voice to the mainstream media."

Kendrick for his story telling ability. Pac with his inflection and amazing hooks. And Eminem for his wordsmithing:to take a word and dissect or use in as many different ways as possible. 

"I call it. "Diction Fluidity" or "No Moves Wasted" and crazy flow switches."

Art making just inspires new ideas, and new opportunities. He believes his role in life is to be real. 

"Be who I am, be a man, think for myself. Not what society tells me, and accepting that I may not be the most popular, but being true, being different from everybody else."

Drive, Focus, and a Purpose is something he possesses.   

"Nowadays I feel like what's been lost in music is the soul, the substance. It not only makes people wanna move, but people can appreciate the message and so that normal ground level people can relate. And I want to influence others to pursue, create, and grow from the listening experience with me."

  • What has been the most challenging aspect of your current releases? 

"In my current releases... I would say. I'm not as tech savvy. I've never been too much of a phone/media person, but what I'm good at is connecting with people and trying to network and learn from others so then I can get better. So getting traffic to my music is a huge issue for me. Youtubers, influencers, and so on just tell you to put all the hashtags, consistently post, and connect with your fanbase. But when youre me, you dont got anyone to help promote you, and unless you know a guy, you dont really know how to maneuver and get it to blow up. But what ive learned is to not give up and try to get closer to the people you wanna be like and eventually you can become that."


  • What work do you most enjoy doing?

"Honestly I used to graft more towards singing than I did rap. But that was because all I did all my life was sing. And I was only expected to be able to sing. And all I heard was singers. But when I was introduced to rap, my whole worldview shifted especially when I was introduced to poetry and spoken word, I thought there was just a beauty in it and a lot of power and raw emotion and honestly how you don't gotta be the best singer to have a good song. I mainly started cause it broke peoples view on me and made em say, " yo, you wrote that?" "Wait rewind that, what did you say?" I love that feeling where I get to watch peoples reactions and their eyes light up with wonder and you see them start to think. Cause there Aint that many intellectuals nowadays that like to think outside the mold."

  • Is there an project here you are most proud of? Why?

Honestly I love working with people, doing group projects. Its not a competition, but it is. That why I like to go last on songs. Cause i wanna see what the competition is like and try to one up.Its like a roller coaster, you can see everything coming when youre in the front, but you don't know it until hits you when youre in the back. Even in my own music I tend to wanna 1up the 1st verse, and think how can I make it better?

  • What themes do you pursue?

Whe it comes to themes, I always fall back on love songs. Give seen love, ive been loved, I give love. 

But aside from that I tend to be a bit of a futurist, "think like youre there till you get there".

Introspective, and pushing people to stay motivated and confident in yourself. Cause i use to struggle with that and dwell too much in the past. But the future is in front of you not behind you, its good to check your mirror here and there, but you'll crash if you cant see where youre going.

  • What do people need to know about you, about how you think and why you create to understand and appreciate your artwork?

What anyone needs to know about me is that I don't view music and just that.  I am a firm believer that you can figure out what type of person someone is by the music the listen to and create. Cause that's one of the most vulnerable moments when you open yourself up on a mic. I do it cause its something ive always loved and wanted to do. And making music is a very intimate process for me. Like any relationship, it takes time, patience, honesty, and effort.

  •  What's your tip or best way you maintain a live/work balance?

Let me start with the easiest part. I know I'm lacking balance when I get overwhelmed, like I'm doing too much at once. I hate feeling like I'm letting myself and others down so what ID say is. Prioritize, get the easiest stuff done first, you don't gotta be a yes man, sometimes you can say no. Even if you feel like you can, be realistic, you cant please everybody. Make time for the things that are most important to you, if you say you're gonna do it, do it, no excuses. Give struggled with it in the past. But now I'm on my ish.

Don't forget to reach out and connect with this thriving entrepreneur!

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