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That might sound odd, but I see it so often where people are not feeding themselves enough.

When we are super busy we tend to override parts of ourselves and our lives in our efforts to achieve.  For example, when we are so focused on material pursuits it can be to the detriment of our relationships and ourselves.

We know how to feed ourselves when we are hungry, but what is the quality of what we are feeding ourselves?

How are we feeding our minds and what are we feeding them with?

Is it inspirational, does it expand our knowledge and help us to grow? Or are we filling it with negative images and repetitive pattern loops that keep us operating at a lower vibration?

How are we feeding our bodies?

Are we too busy to find time to eat properly during the day?  What are we eating?  Will it nourish and sustain us for the rest of the working day?

How are we feeding our emotions?

Are we so busy that we are overriding something that needs our attention?  Are we so busy that we don’t have time left for the emotional side of our lives, and our relationships?

How are we feeding our Souls?

With everything else that is going on how do we feed and nourish our Souls?  Is there any time left to do soul-inspiring activities that will keep our vibration raised to a higher level?

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