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Disney Princess

As children,

Love was portrayed as a happily ever after.

Finding the cure of all problems,

Your Prince Charming…

Your forever!

Everything from Disney, hallmark, music….

Love seemed to be real!

It’s seemed that everyone who was “ a good person” found true love.

There was someone for everyone!

Being raised in a loving marriage home,

Witnessing your older siblings have strong marriages …

You just believed…

Your time will be soon.

Long as you continued to be a good person!

But growing into a adult….

The expectations you once had…

Quickly faced reality!

The love you hoped for,

Worked for,

Prayed for,

Was not the type of love you’ve received!

The love you received and witness wasn’t for “ being a good person”

Wasn’t for your heart,

Wasn’t for your soul,

But instead for your body!

Since the love wasn’t real for you personally but for you sexually….

You start to associate love with sex.

Since no one saw you…

as a goofy,

Warm hearted,

Caring soul….

They saw a pretty face,

Big breast,

And a slim waist.


Saw you……

But you still…

Craved that love you believed in.

“ maybe if I please him this way, he will love me more”

You would learn your partners body…

Put your focus on his pleasings over yours…

Because people who please people…

Deserve love… right?

Over and over….

You find yourself in relationships where your partner isn’t truely here!

Your partner doesn’t take you on dates,

Doesn’t buy you flowers,

Doesn’t call or text all day…

Someone who doesn’t want the commitment…

But enjoys the pleasure.

So since you have yet found a partner to give you that happily ever after,

That love you once believed in as a young child,

The love you witnessed,

You accept the “ love” you feel while pleasing him.

Because that’s the only love you received….

Was the love of pleasing him.

So is love real?

Maybe for some,

But for other….

It’s just a fairytale for those damn Disney princesses


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