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📚Sugasnap🤤 It's 2:00 in the morning, what am I doing? I must be out of my mind circling intuitions Replaying secret intentions I chuckle to myself in silence Main but rearranged will strike in suspension Not in the mood for explanations I go back to my 2am ren de vu I closed my eyes and exhale slowly as you appear in my view I smile hard You smile back I visualize your touch against my skin I feel your breaths on my neck, atmosphere so thick... You kiss my breast then I begin to release my prints I let out a moan and then two more As your fingers slides up down my clitoris Spreading them out in four Damn baby you're so wet I hear your voice say You spread my legs in opposite directions And ate my WAP in every which a way Flatform of your tounge slurps to the rhythm of my curves Body so relaxed got me high off your herbs Climax-in and out, pulling the sheets Deione STOP! Snap out of it...its almost 3

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