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Comfortable, Relaxed and Inspired

Pete has been involved in creating music since 1998. He's spent countless hours recording himself and his friends.

"Actually much earlier, but we don’t need to bring out my “Do What Ya Like” tape I recorded at age 11."

When it comes to networking, he makes sure the experience is everything you need it to be: Comfortable, relaxed and inspired. Whether you’re in the studio or working online.

"Use me to skip the guesswork of recording and mixing without the layers upon layers of necessary knowledge it takes to achieve the quality of sound that you may not even realise is possible in a DIY studio."

Pete ensures that you are as prepared as possible for each session by providing pre-session advice and consultation. To have a relaxed atmosphere, as opposed to certain "professional" studios.

"If you have your own setup, a few sessions with me will help you unlock your own potential at your home studio."

His goal is to use his ability to assist others reach their goals more efficiently by using what he's learned along the road.

Make sure you link with him to get your hit mixed and mastered HERE

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