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December 31, 2021

Charlee Bravo, originally from Detroit,Michigan but lived in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for 15 years He started his musical career there by the age of 18.

His name "Charlee Bravo '' actually came about from just laying out and thinking. His real name is Chris Brown. He really wanted to keep my initial CB.

“I knew I couldn't use that name as an artist…after I tried the names Cystyle and Chris Laron. I came up with Charlee B... with the double E to make it more unique.”

Right before he recorded his first Album ‘Over the Top’… the Bravo actually came from a fan at a show of his.

“When I finished my set a fan screamed out'' Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! Right then and there Charlee Bravo was born. “

Charlee’s music aims to say ‘I will be different’.

He wants to make his own wave and not follow the crowd. Versatility and the ability to grow and connect with people on an energetic and mental level is his top focus.

“I actively email, network at events, and of course on social media. I'm really big on street promo and connecting with people in public.I ask questions and I'm not afraid to ask who the biggest whale is in the room so I can connect with them and tell them what I'm looking for and what I need.”

His number one goal is to become a superstar in the music game and I mean number 1. But he also plans to own his own label and inspire other artists to perform at their full potential and become an inspiration not only in music but in overall life worldwide.

“I literally do this for me. I wake up and I automatically have this drive to be seen and to just put my artistry in the world. I want to show people it's ok to be you and express yourself in the way you feel is comfortable for you, not instagram, a label, family, friends, etc.”