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Capo Ja Presents Lost Ones

Capo Ja. is a South Carolina native, representing Timmonsville SC. Capo means leader, captain.

“Head of sum… I never been the type to follow. Ja, First two initials of my middle name.”

Capo Ja’s main focus is to be successful, take care of her family, and give back to the world. Despite the things she went through she believes if he don’t do it who will.

“Just because we start with nothing don’t mean we gotta leave this world with nothing.”

Capo works hard on and off the music field. She knows her potential and forbids to let up. The love was embedded growing up listening to music.

“I got sum special n ima keep goin. I’m the source, I know how to move. I’ve been on music since 2012.”

Don’t forget to check out her latest project Lost Ones and connect with him HERE

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