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Canadian Rapper with Nigerian Roots

Dr Duru is not your typical MC. If you will, his style is more than unique.

He is from Nigeria, but we all know that he reps Canada.

His levitating flows pair well with the hard hitting 808s on most of his tracks, to almost alien-like melodies and ice-cold bars; you know it’s going to be a great listen. He has been rapping since he was in middle school.

"Funny story, someone in that school said I should go with the rap title Dr Duru”.

Hearing other artists preform always inspires Dr Duru to make more music; especially if they are family/friends. If you put him in a room with other artists, watch out! A big storm (brainstorm that is) will erupt and birth a brand-new creation unheard of.

This isn’t all hustle and bustle, "because there are times when he doesn’t even feel like making music" (but deep down he still wants to). He grew up listening to Rock, but it fell off hard as he focuses more on his Rap Music.

Summing all of this up into feelings is a hard endeavor to conquer, but he doesn’t like to be to over-obsessed about his music. Dr Duru wants to learn, grow, and live an actual life.

We all have goals in life, but some of us are just more dedicated. Dr Duru’s goals in life are: Being successful as an artist, becoming his own boss and in turn using this to take care of his family.

Dr Duru gains most of his music influence from "Lil Wayne, Jay-Z and even pop rock bands".

All stories have a message, and whether you get that message in the middle of the story, at the end, or right at the beginning, it eventually comes. Dr Duru’s music also has a message, and it is to "help people with whatever they are going through".

I asked him how he found new opportunities in the music industry, and he told me that he just came up from a meetup with a local DJ. His reason for all of this also has a beginning, a beginning that started his music journey for the very first time.

It all started back in Nigeria, at a private school. Dr Duru went out on a tour of another country with his schoolmates. They were invited to preform, so he was tasked with voicing the hook; schoolmates were the MC’s. Of course, he wasn’t very good at the time.

He messed up, and these “rappers” didn’t take it too well.

They kept on clowning him for it (what is this, a circus?). Dr Duru didn’t let it slide however, he started to write his own raps, record them, and preform them all on his own (Who’s the clown now?).

Make sure to check out his latest single, "WAIT".

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