Bravo's Entrepreneur Insight

Bravo is from Lexington KY but resides in Indianapolis Indiana. Currently, his #1 goal is to reach a notable status and receive his verification check.


"If I keep going hard at this rate I'd say if God is good give me about 2.5 to 3 years."

Goal #2 is to build his song catalog via strong quantity with quality by the end of 2023 to beginning of 2024.Goal #3 is to get his songs played all across the nation via radio.

"My uprising business means a lot to me. It's my life at this point; it's the love of my life. It changed my whole perspective on things in life from 2020 to nearly the beginning of 2023."

Bravo expressed being an entrepreneur affected his past relationships in a bad way; based on not having time.

"Versus having time for my craft; but I feel like it's God's work in the making, because I deserve to reach my elite height. I did not need her distractions."

Artists/musicians giving me positive feedback or even negative feedback either way it motivates him.

"I've made a good impact not just from creating but marketing/promoting the past 3 years showed me why I should be proud of myself."

What makes his record label unique vs others?

"I'd say because just last night a artist hmu asking me for advice and I told him what I know and what I've done for this type of status so early after the encouraging words he still was hopeless so I offered him a independent artist development deal for him to gain more eyes and ears on his craft."

The music industry has made a great impact on his kids and future kids. He says they will be ready and set.

Make sure you check out his collection of work HERE

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