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Bonafiedd a Poet at Heart

Bonafiedd is from North Charleston, South Carolina. His name came from shooting threes in the gym. 

"I use to go by Malcolmdakiid but I moved to Dallas Texas. I was at high school one day in gym class and we was playing basketball and I kept crossing people and shooting threes back to back… They kept saying "Damn that niqqa Bonafide" but I didn't know how to spell it at that time so I went with "Bonafiedd" I fw that one though"

His fans inspire his creativity the most. Bonafiedd says " my art/ music means a lot to me… THE WORLD". 

"I grind the way I do because I'm tired of being the broke boy. I've been homeless for a long time, kinda still is but it's ok , my time is coming soon. I go hard for myself And my fans."

His  1st goal is to make it big! His 2nd goal is to be known and heard all over the world.The 3rd goal is to be financially stable and have enough funds to put towards my music!

"My work aims to say  that I'm an up and coming artist, one of the greatest if people will start listening, you'll see!"

His biggest influence is Gucci Mane and OJ Da Juiceman. Bonafiedd also used to  write poems and stories he was younger.

"I started listening to music and I got curious. So, I just started writing and people started reading them. And they told me I need to record; so I did and that's how I started." 

Yo make sure you check out this Carolina artist and his catalog HERE.

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