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December 27, 2021

Genius Khan is an independent artist from Connecticut. She makes her own beat and engineers her music.

Genius is her own vibe and has a distinguished sound. The last mixtape distributed on May 29, 2021; came with lighters and bottle openers. Each included a link on them with access to her creations.

This mixtape … she plans to accompany them with a rolling tray. Genius is always open to networking and collaboration with other artists, producers and engineers.

From producing to recording to performing live; this rapper manages to bring together influential lyrics and trap soul vibes. Within every song, there’s content that will make you think deeper.

Take a listen for yourself!

Here’s her latest projects:

Santa is Coming to Town


Khan Artist


Do you think she will be bigger than Drake?

You can listen to Genius’s collection on Spotify and on Apple Music

Make sure you reach out and connect with Genius Khan HERE

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