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Believe and you Shall Receive!

Mando is representing Arizona. His name comes from his middle name Armando. 

Mando's  work aims to say anything is possible if you grind and put in the hours. Believe and you shall achieve!

"My reason is because life is short you should be doing what you love with who you love around you."

He doesn't seek opportunities if it’s meant to be. "They’ll find me and work itself out for the better."

He likes to relax and/or meditate.

"I like to be outside near the pool or with nature and just breathe the fresh air!"

Lil Wayne, Big Sean & 21 savage have the biggest influence in his sound for music.

"The first song I remember turning up to and rapping was a Milli by Lil Wayne the effects for the voice on hook, his flow and bars, he’s the greatest living and that’s a fact!"

His goals are to buy a house for my mom in Colorado, travel the world with family and friends and Financial freedom.

Interesting fact: if Mando could get rid of one habit it would be eating desserts. He says he has a bad sweet tooth!

If you would like to connect and network with this individual, reach out HERE

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