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Ayana Love: Meet the baby Badu

Ayana is from Detroit, Michigan but is based currently in Downtown Chicago, Illinois. She represents her hometown of Detroit but is on the path to global success. 

Ayana’s art & brand is very important to her because it means new healing, new hope, new sound and vibe that can help change the world of performative art. 

She hopes her art encourages others to just experience life as is & be themselves unapologetically. 

Entrepreneurship has strengthened Ayana and her supporting relationships because it has and is building on to an already long and proud legacy. 

The motivation comes from passion. No matter how hard it may get or how much work it takes, Ayana is always thinking and doing her best to move and grow outside of the box of what people think is “normal”

Ayana is naturally creative, when it comes to her music Ayana first writes her words and then organically allows the Melodies and beats/music find her. It’s a flowing process. Another part of the process for Ayana is that she enjoys making others feel good or simply feeling emotion of some sort. It’s good to feel, that’s how a person knows they are truly living.

 Ayana manages fear by utilizing any fear as more motivation. She understands fear is stagnant energy and the only way to overcome it is by facing a fear or being uncomfortable to grow from a particular fear. 

What makes Ayana’s music and brand so unique is that she really strives to experiment with her sound. Her brand encourages love and a safe space for all. 

Her brand supports more than just herself and thinks about more than just her wants or needs. Ayana is going about breaking into an industry that is not soft in nature at all by channeling her energy and experiences into vibrations and productions. 

Her favorite project that she has worked on so far has to be her newest release Movin’. Movin’ has a different sound and vibe than any of the past music Ayana has made. This song the song really shows her following more of who she is at heart and is totally fun for anyone to hop up and dance. 

Movin’ allowed Ayana to get back to the fun part of creating and keep what’s important at the heart of her artistry. Movin music video has just been released and visually speakers to this as well!

Make sure you take a listen for yourself and connect with her HERE

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