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Authentic to your Feelings

Bravo da Producer is a songwriter, loop maker, graphic design and talent manager. He enjoys loop making and song writing the most. 

"When I create music my personal goal is to just do the best I can or just have fun because sometimes the best songs are made by just playing around on a beat."

When it comes to music he doesn't  believe in pursuing themes within music. Bravo feels art should be authentic to your feelings or thoughts, etc.

"I don't really have a most challenging aspect on my current releases. I just been slowing down goin step at a time." 

 He has multiple musical influences. But having the same routine when it comes to practicing influences helps the most.


"My music work is my life I surround myself with my work on a daily I rather stay inside and consistently work and work it keeps me out of trouble."

"I'm just proud of my work and effort in general I got a handful of projects that aren't even recorded yet."

Currently, he is on the road of getting multiple comic books published.  He believes "his defining role in life is to just let ppl know they are not alone."

"Tap in and pay attention to my growth and progress I've grown in a short amount of time."


Check out Bravo's new release HERE

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