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兩喫兩 兩喫兩喫兩喫兩喫兩 FOOD SPOTLIGHT !!!!!!!!!!! Have you ever smelled something cooking and the aroma made your mouth water in seconds? Or even took a bite of something that you were eating and suddenly your whole everything escapes from your body, almost as if you were going to climax? LOL Ladies and gentlemen I have a Mastermind in taste buds! His savoring seasoning to the unique but yet so sophisticated style of cooking will leave you breathless.

Who is this genius of food and taste? South Florida's very own Chef King Konpa! King Konpa Cuisine can whip up small gourmet dishes to cater any party or get together.

Don't rob your taste buds of this incredible, talented, passionate Chef. I promise you, you will not regret it once you try one of his dishes. Tell him Deione sent you Contact Information Below Phone: 7542649545 Email:

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